Distribution Testing

Recently I have been trying a few more linux distributions as I have been on debian sid for a while, but have grown tired of old packages... even on sid.

Since some people I know had been singing Void Linux praises, I figured I might as well try it... Especially given how often systemd annoys me.


tl;dr a yubikey doesn't work 'out of the box' on void.

Browsers such as chromium could not do u2f, and gpg only saw the smartcard as root.

Fixing Things™

I do not claim that this write up is the best way to accomplish setting up a yubikey to work for fido u2f and as a gpg smartcard on void linux. There may be better ways out there. There may be a Right Way out there. But I sure as hell couldn't find a concisely documented way out there... At least not one that had all the information in one place, seemed current, and verified that void linux would like the solution.


Credit where it is due, the arch wiki had a good clear part arch wiki reference on getting a yubikey to have uf2 working with browsers such as chromium, and a link to the udev rule 70-u2f.rules provided by yubico. Yubico also already had udev rules 69-yubikey.rules, 70-yubikey.rules already written up for getting the gpg smartcard to work for non root accounts.


So, to get things working we place 70-u2f.rules, 69-yubikey.rules, and 70-yubikey.rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/, and you could give the system a reboot for good measure. (I dont think the reboot was even needed)


So what is the point of this short blog post? To remind me how to set this up if I ever need to do so again, and hopefully to bump the answer higher in your search results so you don't spend as much time on this as I had to.

Void Linux
arch wiki reference

- demure