Another day, another weechat /trigger

As is often the case on the internet, some people are the reason we can't have nice things. Today's instance of ass hattery involves an instance of bitbot, its quote module, and a trolly user who continually fills the quote db with garbage.


Bad user overuses bot quote commands ,grab and ,qadd nick=<nick> not a funny msg -- both spamming channels with the commands and filling the db with crap.

Triggers to the rescue

/trigger addreplace ATriggerNameHere print "" "${server}.${tg_tag_nick} == YourShortNetworkName.BadUserNick && ${tg_message_nocolor} =~ ^,(qadd|grab) ${nick}" "" "/msg -server ${server} BotNick ,qdel ${nick}" "ok"

    ## Pick a trigger name
    addreplace ATriggerNameHere
            ## fill in the network and user nick after the double equals.
            ## ${nick} could be hard coded for your nick, but this way it works for your current nick.
            "${server}.${tg_tag_nick} == YourShortNetworkName.BadUserNick && ${tg_message_nocolor} =~ ^,(qadd|grab) ${nick}"
            ## Fill in the bitbot instances nick, see above re nick var.
            "/msg -server ${server} BotNick ,qdel ${nick}"

For other tildeverse users

Here is the version you are probably here for ^_-

/trigger addreplace tilde_no_jan6_quote print "" "${server}.${tg_tag_nick} == tilde.jan6 && ${tg_message_nocolor} =~ ^,(qadd|grab) ${nick}" "" "/msg -server ${server} tildebot ,qdel ${nick}" "ok"


This trigger first matches that the network and nick of a message are for the assigned net, and nick. Then the message is tested for either quote bot triggers, and your nick. If all are matched, the trigger will /msg the bot to delete the last quote attributed to your nick. It also happens to work 'silently' in that the offender may someday pull out their hair wondering why they quotes aren't there XD.


- demure